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But there are something we can NOT control, which you should know:

  • 1. Some information you provide (automatically provide by your computer when you surfing on net) could be collected and used to analysis site popularity by site owner or Google (Google Analytics(GA)), please refer to Google Privacy Policy for details). All these information (visitors log) collected by the server used by this site is kept for three months counting from the time of collecting only for server security purpose.
  • 2. Informations mentioned in entry 1 may be collected by Google Analytics, but will not used to identify you by cnzhx.net. All GA related collections are set to expire after 26 months as the default setting set by GA to conform the GDPR. Please refer to Google Privacy.
  • 3. After you clicking a link in pages on this website, you could be out of our site. And then, our policy is NOT applicable.
  • 4. When our site is attacked by others.

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